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About Us

braant_payrollWe are a small firm with five staff, our senior partner is Christakis Papadopoulos FCCA. Call 020 8445 9922 for a free no obligation consultatioby one of London’s most trusted Chartered Accountants.

We have always preferred to keep it like this because we believe we can achieve a better personal service to all our clients.

We believe in quick and efficient response to each client’s needs.

We expect clients to sit with us and talk to us about their plans for the next 10-15 years and we help them set the goals for that period ahead.

We like to monitor clients year by year and identify factors that affect their goals and help them to stay in the right lane to achieve their goals.

Clients for whom book-keeping and payroll is partly or wholly done by our book-keeping department, the monitoring is done on a quarterly basis when Gross Profits, Cash Flow and Means Tests are carried out. At that stage, we may call in the clients if something looks to be out of line. Things are put right there and then.

We expect full co-operation by our clients and we expect clients to warn us in advance of any changes of plans as we may have to advice them on changes in their tax planning.

We just take things seriously and personally, your success is our success.